Mazda Bongo & Ford Freda Health Check (All Models) Our Price £71.40 (inc VAT)


Mazda Bongo Friendee & Ford Freda Diesel & Petrol “Health Check” carried out at our workshops in Dormansland, Surrey. The Mazda Bongo is a unique and affordable camper/MPV, which is earning its cult status alongside the likes of Volkswagen for those quick trips away. You really can wake up to different view everyday! All this diversity does come with a few complications however. The unique & versatile design of the Mazda Bongo means it has quite a complicated and extensive cooling system. With the earliest cars produced in 1995 (19 years old +) the cooling systems are in need of general maintenance. If left unchecked, split hoses & corroded coolant/water transfer pipes can have catastrophic consequences. A split coolant hose costing just £20 could end up costing you well over a thousand pounds if the car overheats and possibly a whole new engine in the worst case!

Why Have a Health Check?

After working on the Mazda Bongo & Ford Freda for over 15 years, it has become increasingly apparent that some of the overheating problems & big repair bills could be avoided with a little TLC.

Our health check is designed to give you a little peace of mind. AVA Leisure are Mazda Bongo Specialists and we know what to look for on your car. Each vehicle is road tested to listen for knocks or whines. The feel of the car is also an indicator to potential problems as well. We have driven hundreds of Mazda Bongos so we know what they should feel like!

Once the road test is complete, the car is put up on the ramp where we will spend time checking known corrosion areas, visually inspecting all the suspension parts, braking system and coolant hoses and pipes. When the car is back off the ramp we then check for fault codes in ECU and make a note of any present. We clear all the codes so as to be sure that any code that reappears is a current problem and not one that has been left behind from a previous repair. We continue to inspect the radiator and other hoses found under the bonnet. Both passenger and driver’s seats are lifted and more hoses and vacuum pipes are checked. Finally the operation of the elevating roof and heating and air-condition system is checked over.

If we find any areas for concern, we will advise you and give you our honest opinion of what may need doing in the future. All these findings will be put into writing for you. Although we make no guarantees with our health checks as they are purely advisory, we feel it’s well worth the trouble. Hopefully you won’t be booking in for a cylinder head replacement if we can spot the little problems first.

Time taken 1 hour.

If you haven’t used us before we strongly recommend having a health check done prior to a service. This extra hour really does give us the time to do your Mazda Bongo justice whilst giving you the peace of mind to take that next trip away. It also adds significantly to your service history giving any future owner the knowledge that your Bongo is one that should last.

You will need to book your vehicle in with us on 01234 480808. We do not offer a drive in and wait service. All work must be booked in advance.